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Fotografie Savignone - Panorami - An island in the fog: M. Reopasso
Fotografie Savignone - Altro - Fienagione a Besolagno: lavoro minorile
Fotografie Savignone - Boschi - The light of early spring
Fotografie Savignone - Panorami - Panorama with fog from M. Maggio
Fotografie Busalla&Ronco Scrivia - Panorami - Busalla beetween M. Reale and M. Vittoria as it appears from Cascine
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This tool allows you to search the web for music, movies, videos, software and so on. It relies on google search engine; it just searches for urls that are directory listings, not html-like pages.

I'm NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY with sites that appear in this page, as they are mere results from google searches.

Please note that many MP3/Video/Softwares are COPYRIGHTED. You may be violating copyright laws when downloading.

Usage: type in the textbox the words pertinent to the music/software you are looking for, separated by a blank space or a dot such as:

- bon.jovi
- 50 cents
- pink floyd
- nickleback photograph
- mandrake linux

use checkboxes (or the -noaudio, -novideo, -nosoft string in the textbox) to search for audio/video/software.

You'll get as result a web page that directly contains the mp3/avi/mpg.. you were looking for!

TIP: many sites disguises html pages as "directory-listings".. if you can't find a file on a site, skip all results from that site.

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