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> Hello All Mercedes Fans,
> I own a 1981 W126 300SD car. The engine has been running well until
> recently. Now when it heats up (after about 30 to 40 minutes on the
> road) the engine has less power, and idles poorly, stalling at times.
> Once i rev it up, it seems to fire on all five cylinders.
> I have done the following:
> 1) replaced fuel pre and main cartridge filter about 6 months ago
> 2) pulled 5 injectors from known good engine and installed them.
> Problem persists.
> Does this sound like an issue with the fuel supply from the tank, or
> could i be losing compression? I do have a compression tester.
> Engine has probably run for some 300,000 km. Valves were adjusted
> last summer. I drive about 10,000 km/year.
> Hope to get some input from the experts out there.
> Regards / John
The engine timing may be responsible. Look up the manual for the
instructions. I think there is also some kind of ventilation to the tank
and that could be a problem, and have you checked your tank for that
brownish "seaweed." It grows in the tank because water can enter the
fuel and feed the algae. You should be able to buy a small bottle of
additive, such as Red Line 98 Plus. That should absorb the water in the
tank and the algae won't bother the car. Apply regularly though. See If you live in a cold climate this problem may not
Good luck!
PS. my car is 1984 240D, W123 240D.

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Check some pics on this site!
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