Re: Do I really need new timing belt on '03 TL w/ only 23.8K miles??

> Yes, you are past due. ?The timing belt does deteriorate over time hence why
> they give a mileage and time value, whichever comes first. ?If it will
> actually snap or not is a gamble. ?If it goes bad it could do a little
> damage to your engine, it could do a lot. ?Your call on if you want to take
> that risk.
> As for the price, shop around. ?A good independent shop could come in at a
> much lower price. ?And yes, you do want to do the water pump at the same
> time.
Thanks. Is there any correlation between the condition of the visible
rubber belt(s) under the hood versus the timing belt. In other words,
if the belt(s) that are visible look okay, then is it likely that the
timing belt is still okay, or is there no correlation?

Written by 07/06/2012 00:27:49
Check some pics on this site!
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