Re: Reducing photo size, Emailing or texting large photos

"Micky"  wrote in message
> On Fri, 2 Sep 2016 22:32:46 +0100, Ed Cryer 
> wrote:

>>Here's a nice little trick.
>>Display the photo full screen and take a screenshot (usually effected by
>>pressing and holding the power and volume-down buttons together).
> Is this a cell phone or a PC?  It must be a cellphone because pressing
> the power button on a PC wouldn't work.   I know a little bit about
> File Manager, so I might be able to find where the picture is stored.
> But I woldn't know how to get the picture into the text.  How to
> attach it, if that is the right word.

1. Press the prt sc button in the top row of keys.  That copies what shows 
on the monitor to the clipboard.  Pressing alt + prt sc copies just the 
active window.

2. Open Paint, IrfanView, etc and paste. Crop if you wish.  Save it in the 
file type of your choice..

3. Insert the saved image into your email in the same way as you were 
inserting them before. 

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