Re: Useful tips on how to make slolar Panels from scratch at Home

On 23/03/12 1:43 AM, Vijay wrote:
> Interesting Facts about Solar Power and Energy
> The sun is a giant ball of gas made up primarily of hydrogen and
> Helium
> For 4 billion years , the sun has been converting Hydrogen in to
> helium.
> And it will continue to do so for another 5 billiomn years
> Every second the sun converts more than 4 million of hydrogen into
> Helium
> through aprocess known as Nuclear fusion.
> Each time this nuclear fusion takes place,4 Hydrogen atoms combine to
> form 1 helium atom.
> In the process,Solar energy is produced.
> The silar energy generated by the sun makes its way to the earth as
> electromagnetic waves.
> the electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light.
> At this speed it take only 8 minutes for the solar energy to travel
> 93 million distance fromhte sun to the Earth.
> I think you might understand how solar energy produced and it reaches
> in to earth.For more details visit
FWIW, I'd say anybody who's been on this site already knows about what you've
just espoused. In other vernacular, "you're preaching to the converted"
I'm just wondering if you ever check your spelling before pressing the "send"
button, and what this info has to do with a diy guide to making solar panels.
The sun's energy actually takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach our planet
Your subject heading is really way off the mark concerning the content of your

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