Re: Rex In Support Of Sanchez .... WHY ?!?!?!

On 28/03/2012 02:49, Papa Carl wrote:
> "Michael" wrote in message
> ""We're hitching our wagon to Mark," Ryan said at the NFL owners
> meetings in Palm Beach, Fla."
> Real good, Rex... Let him take another vacation this year. The Jets
> are a country club.
> "Neither Sanchez nor Tebow should have to worry about third-string
> quarterback Greg McElroy, who Ryan said is "still in (the) doghouse"
> following his locker room comments last month."
> Now would it not be a total pisser if McElroy, who looked good when he
> got the chance to throw, wound up out performing two of the three QB's
> in the NFL with the worst statistical histories as passers ???
> Would he play if he did do better? I wonder. He could easily throw
> better than those two. OMHO.
... and don't forget this is Rex we're talking about here. A written
report, without the context of facial expression and/or a "humour" tag,
cannot be read verbatim.
Rex just doesn't come across in written media, at all with a lot of the
true meaning simply missed by shoddy reporting.
Percy Flage
"Life is too short to have to explain everyday."

Written by Percy Flage 28/03/2012 10:12:59
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