Re: William Gay to the Cards

On Mar 26, 2:38?pm, wrote:
> Prior to last season I would have been like thank god and I hope the
> Steelers didn't have to give up to much for them to take him off our hands.
> But he had a decent 2011 and the backups are unproven.
> Add this to all the other changes and possible additional WR changes and
> I'm not all that positive on next season.
> All of the subtractions so far(except Gay which was his move) I agree with
> but all the changes will probably have an affect on the team.
> Plus the Ravens and maybe even Bengals are in better shape.
I thought the same thing when I heard the news. Gay did play well last
year and nobody talked about him all season (media or fans). I'm not
so sure that this is a good career move. The sudden numerous changes
he'll be going through could wipe out all progress that he finally had
made in learning the skills of his position. Could have a positive
effect as well but I think the former is more likely.
But, yeah... It's not looking good.

Written by Brian M Davis 27/03/2012 11:31:54
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