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> Click on  "Audition Time" video link where Cunneyworth talks about 
> giving the young guys a chance to show what they got. I'm all for it but 
> someone should have asked what part Campoli plays in that. Here's a guy 
> with no future on this team or likely any other team in the NHL getting 
> valuable minutes every night.
> Saying one thing, doing another.

I imagine Campoli will find another NHL team easily, but just not at almost 
$2 million.

Campoli's season't totals project to almost eactly the same rate he 
produced last season, which all that could be expected coming off a half-
season injury.

In fact, if this team was bone dry of prospects but had a really solid top-
4, and no Kaberle, then I would have considered keeping Campoli as a 7th-
8th d-man. He's pure vanilla, not capable of doing anything especially 
well, but he fill a space. However, on a team that must try and upgrade its 
top-4 though, and unforunately probably keep a space for Kaberle (all you 
people who dissed Spacek can now officially "suck it"), then Campoli will 
have to find elsewhere to apply his special brand of blandness.


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