Re: Tourism strategy for Edinburgh announced at ETAG conference

In article <>, says...
> > Edinburgh has already earned its place as the world's most popular UK
> > conference city after London.

> You may not be aware that the City of Edinburgh is the UK #2 tourist
> hot spot and is home to Scotland's international gateway airport of
> first choice among the ticket-paying public.
No west coast freebies then...
> In 2011 Edinburgh International Airport attracted 2,520,751
> (36.72438%) more passengers than its western rival. Provisional data
> for 2011 indicates that the capital's airport attracted 40.67055% more
> international passengers than its western rival.
> 95.101% of EDI's international passenger throughput in 2011 flew with
> scheduled carriers. The low-rent charter Centre of Excellence award
> was conceded to TeamGLA.
Strange how the once GLA MD who chanted 'team GLA' and was subsequently
appointed to EDI, never once referred to 'Team EDI'. Is cheerleading
mandatory for GLA MDs.?

Written by Joe Curry 01/02/2012 18:55:28
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