Re: English airports fear damage from lower Scots levy if APD is devolved

On Jan 26, 9:44?am, Roland Perry <> wrote:
> Of course you can. These tickets are a *special* offer, in addition to
> the regular tickets, for a few selected flows. The fact you have to buy
> them the day before shows they are for pre-meditated trips, in effect
> they are "AP ticket for tomorrow, on any train". Isn't that better than
> "AP ticket for tomorrow, only one train"?
Then they should not be called "Super Off Peak Singles".
They are I guess the equivalent of the old Advance Saver tickets,
though those were available only as return tickets.

Written by Neil Williams 26/01/2012 10:35:57
Check some pics on this site!
11/11/2019 23:41:40