Re: Clueless iCultists tricked into DRILLING hole in their phones.

Silver Slimer wrote:
> `...`
> Removing the
> headphone jack asks users to suddenly purchase wireless headphones
> which - whether we like it or not - have their own battery which
> likely doesn't last long.
True, it is a "push" for consumers to adopt wireless, although
there is a Lightning-to-3.5mm-jack adaptor in the iPhone7 box
to facilitate continued support of legacy (& conventional).
> For people who already find charging their phone to
> be annoying, charging the headphones as well will be doubly so.
Yup, particularly when the out-of-the-box configuration doesn't
support using headphones _while_ charging. Fortunately, the
aftermarket (Belkin?) already has a hardware solution, but still...
> Add to that the fact that the phone will likely be worse
> than obsolete in a year and you've got a recipe for disaster.
> I wonder if the Mac zealots are buying the phone anyway but
> if they have any sense left, they aren't.
Given Apple's deep pocket resources, the iPhone7 isn't going to
be obsolete in 2017, nor even 2018 ... as it now stands, it
looks like the current support trend is to decline support of
any devices still using the old 30-pin...but given that this
interface was superseded by Lightning back in 2012, from a
lifecycle standpoint, they're clearing on the trailing side
(even though the hardware is mostly still quite suitable for
a decent number of customer use cases).
In any event, the non-Apple side of the coin will have their
own angst with physical interfaces over the next few years,
as micro USB will be prone to being superseded by USB-C.
Granted, some manufacturers will continue to also provide
a 3.5mm headphone jack, but some will take the opportunity
to ditch it too...

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