Bug#940136: aqbanking-tools: Transaction fails with 9075::Starke Kundenauthentifizierung notwendig.

Dear Micha.
Micha Lenk - 03.10.19, 20:27:48 CEST:
> I started to look into updating AqBanking in Debian again. It all
> starts with uploading Gwenhywfar, which I did a few days ago. As
> usual when binary package names change (in this case required due to
> the soname bump), the package is currently stalled in the NEW queue.
> So we will need some patience now.
Thank you very much. Looking forward to it.

Written by Martin Steigerwald 03/10/2019 21:50:01
Check some pics on this site!
28/05/2020 16:52:55