Bug#942397: ITP: avogadrolibs -- Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (libs)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Drew Parsons <>
* Package name : avogadrolibs
Version : 1.91.0
Upstream Author : Kitware, Inc.
* URL :
* License : BSD-3
Programming Lang: C++
Description : Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (libs)
The avoagadro package has been split upstream into avogadroapp
and avogadrolibs.
We'll keep avogadroapp as the avogadro package, and therefore need to
add the new package avogadrolibs, which will provide libavogadro.
To be team-maintained by the Debichem team, same as avogadro.

Written by Drew Parsons 15/10/2019 19:10:01
Check some pics on this site!
11/11/2019 23:33:53