I am not sure if my message came through so I am sending it again:
In Deb 9 KDE on Deb 9 as soon as I logged in DPMS would be disabled and
my screen would not turn off. I would have to manually go into the
command line and run a line ( I forget what it was I ran) but basically
it was the command to enable DPMS which once enabled, the screen would
turn on and off... But if I was to log off or restart, DPMS would be
disabled again.
I am writing to find out why this happens and how can I make DPMS
enabled on start by itself or writing out a script to automatically
enable DPMS on start.
This problem is what is keeping me from using Debian... I really like
the OS. But this is my only hold up. This problem made me go back to
Kubuntu 18.04 until I can figure out why this is happening to me, and
find a way to fix my problem.
Thanks in advance.

Written by Christopher M 07/07/2019 23:10:01
Check some pics on this site!
22/07/2019 05:52:49