Re: The network path was not found.

Char Jackson wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Mar 2012 17:45:17 -0500, Paul in Houston TX
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>> Char Jackson wrote:
>>> On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 17:52:05 -0500, Paul in Houston TX
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>>>> FrankQ wrote:
>>>>> I set up a small-office/home network with two computers.
>>>>> Both have the windows firewall off.
>>>>> They access the internet wia a router with a fireewall.
>>>>> View workgroup members shows the two computers.
>>>>> But when I click the remote computer icon I get:
>>>>> \Two is not available...
>>>>> The network path was not found.
>>>>> What does that mean.
>>>>> Did it get to the remote computer and not find a path or not find the path
>>>>> to the remote computer?
>>>>> I've created similar usenames and passwords on both machines and am logged
>>>>> in with that username.
>>>>> Any suggestions?
>>>> Router could be blocking.
>>> Not likely, and not applicable if both computers are connected to
>>> router's LAN ports. The LAN ports are just a switch, not a router.
>>>> Can you ping each other from both ends?
>>> Good question.
>> My D-Link DI-707P can block traffic from LAN or WAN.
>> It can block LAN while allowing WAN, or vice versa.
>> It blocks IP addresses, address ranges, and / or ports.
> None of that applies to this discussion, though.
> I just read through the Datasheet
> <>
> and the Quick Installation Guide
> <>
> and the User Manual
> <>
> and I don't see any mention of the capability to isolate one or more
> LAN hosts from other LAN hosts. In other words, this device appears to
> incorporate a standard 8-port switch, with one port dedicated to WAN
> duties and the remaining 7 ports dedicated to LAN duties. Internally,
> they use VLANs to achieve this separation, but they don't expose that
> through the GUI.
> Am I missing the capability to isolate LAN users from each other?
Well how interesting!
No where in the manuals does it show the Firewall.
On mine there is a button labeled "Firewall" between
Filter and SNMP that is not in the manual but in
the machine firmware. It enables Firewall rules
for LAN, WAN, deny, allow, addresses, ports, etc.
My DI screenshot:
I don't know how many rules I can have.
At the moment I have two active including denying
192.###.###.### from connecting to this machine.
Also denying a specific WAN address.

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