Re: Where the #### is the clock battery on IBM T43 Thinkpad

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>>> Where the #### is the clock battery on IBM T43 Thinkpad.
>>> I bought a battery and was told it was under the keyboard. I have
>>> removed the keyboard, hard drive, cd drive, memory, and main battery. I
>>> dont see it. Where the #### is it?
>>> It's a nickle sized yellow disk with wires, but I cant find it.
> Thanks to both of you guys I was able to find it and replace it. It was
> under the palm rest, which comes off after the keyboard. 13 screws
> total.
> You'd think they could make this easier to replace!
These companies don't give a hoot how easy it is to maintain their device.
I'm surprised the screws were a Phillips head instead of a Torx drive when
few people have those screwdrivers. I wanted to change the headlight bulb
on my car and it took removing 20 screws and half the front end to get to
it. To change a bulb ???
This may sound pessimistic but I consider it realistic : Everything is a
piece of garbage, it is just a matter of how bad. If you think it is good,
it isn't ; it just sucks less than everything else !
Anyway, glad you got it done.
> Particularly when those screws are so tiny that I had to buy magnifying
> glasses to see them, and work on my bed in case I dropped one. (easier
> to find on the bed sheet than on the floor). Either way, the job is
> done till next time it goes dead.
> Thanks again!!!!

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