Re: the 100 levels

On 26.09.2016 12:00, uglyvan wrote:
> Le lundi 26 septembre 2016 01:25:39 UTC+2, Rick Pikul/Chakat Firepaw a ??crit :
>> On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 06:43:09 -0700, uglyvan wrote:
>> {Gibberish that is meaningless to anyone else.}
>> You really need to stop treating the newsgroup as a scratchpad. There
>> are all kinds of programs designed to organize working notes and they are
>> going to be much better at it and much easier for you to work with.
>> Post here when you have stuff that can be read and understood by people
>> who aren't the guy coming up with your system.
>> --
>> Chakat Firepaw - Inventor and Scientist (mad)
> 1?? I just love to typewrite lol
> 2?? my mistakes help me to retain humility, and sincerity
1?? a. nobody loves to read your "notes" (here)
b. what about writing them elsewhere is a problem for you?
2?? a. no one cares
b. correcting one's mistakes and be proud of it is way better
c. posting meaningless gibberish *is* a mistake...connect the dots

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