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> > Wishes on tap are nice, in case you F something up. And if you don't wish
> > for an amulet of lifesaving you're an idiot (unless you have others or the
> > one from vlads). I usually go on the ascension run with at least two.
> There are (mainly) three sources of reflection; amulet, shield, and dragon
> armor. You have a 50% chance to get it in Sokoban in form of an amulet. So
> it is most likely to have it from the amulet and the amulet slot occupied.
> In this case I wouldn't wish for an amulet of life saving. I'd rather wish
> for the amulet of reflection if I yet don't have any source of reflection.
> Wishing for life saving is fine for beginners who don't know what's coming,
> but there are better options (MR, reflection, etc.) to give your character
> better _persistent_ survival chances. Why? Because if you need your life
> saved you mostly will die in the next attack sequence anyway. Reflection,
> OTOH, will save you many times. (That doesn't mean that in certain games
> it wouldn't be possible that life saving can safe your life and you can
> then ascend. It's just an issue of what gives you the best chances to win
> the game.) Actually, I ascended with an AoLS worn in 2% of my ascensions,
> and in 98% I had worn reflection. Nonetheless I carried (as souvenirs!)
> between 0 and 9 (average ~2.9) amulets of live saving when I ascended;
> unused, of course.
> Janis
The best use I've found for amulets of life saving is to give them to
my centaur steeds to protect my investment...

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