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> These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2016-07-11,
> and should be interpreted accordingly.
> On each question you may give up to two answers, but if you give
> both a right answer and a wrong answer, there is a small penalty.
> Please post all your answers to the newsgroup in a single followup,
> based only on your own knowledge.  (In your answer posting, quote
> the questions and place your answer below each one.)  I will reveal
> the correct answers in about 3 days.
> All questions were written by members of the Usual Suspects and
> are used here by permission, but have been reformatted and may
> have been retyped and/or edited by me.  For further information
> see my 2016-05-31 companion posting on "Questions from the Canadian
> Inquisition (QFTCI*)".
> I wrote one of these rounds.
> * Game 8, Round 2 - History - Alexander the Great
> Muhammad Ali thought *he* was the Greatest, but he had nothing
> on this guy's record: the conquest of much of the known world,
> and zero defeats.  Let's see how much you know about the true
> Great One -- Alexander the Great, of the original Macedonia.
> 1. Alexander's father was himself King of Macedonia.  What was
>    his name?  You don't need to provide his number.


> 2. Alexander's mother outlived both him and her own husband
>    (), and proved herself adept -- or at the very least
>    ruthless -- in the arts of realpolitik, in advancing the position
>    of her grandson after Alexander's death.  Angelina Jolie played
>    her in Oliver Stone's film "Alexander".  Name her.
> 3. *Which sage* tutored Alexander in various aspects of learning
>    from the age of 13 to 16, but was apparently unable to convince
>    him that it was okay to keep non-Greeks as slaves?

Aristotle; Socrates

> 4. Naturally, Alexander was educated by  in what we would
>    call the classics.  He carried into battle a copy of which work,
>    annotated by  himself?
> 5. *What role* did Bucephalus play in Alexander's military
>    campaigns?  After his death, he was honored by having a city
>    named after him.
> 6. In 337 BC, Alexander's father  united the Greek
>    states -- with the exception of Sparta -- into what organization,
>    with himself as hegemon, or president?
> 7. After 's assassination in the following year, Alexander
>    was proclaimed leader of the .  Which Greek city
>    revolted against him, and was subsequently sacked and destroyed
>    by Alexander, leaving behind only the home of the poet Pindar?
> 8. Who was the Persian king defeated by Alexander after a series
>    of battles ending with the Battle of Guagamela `"GO-guh-MEE-luh"`
>    in 331 BC?


> 9. The easternmost point that Alexander reached in his journey of
>    conquest is located in which country today?

India; Pakistan

> 10. Alexander died in 323 BC at the age of 32 -- maybe as the
>    result of foul play, but maybe not.  And maybe you remember
>    the ancient city where it happened, but, again, you only need
>    to tell us the modern-day country where the place is located.

Iran; Afghanistan

> * Game 8, Round 3 - Entertainment - Genius TV
> This round is about five American TV shows, each of which features
> a lead character with mental powers far beyond those of mortal
> men -- you know, just like the sort of people you find in the
> Canadian Inquisition.  There will be two questions about each show.
> 1. The series "Numbers" revolved around the Eppes `"Eps"` family --
>    Charlie the mathematician, Don the FBI agent, and their father
>    Alan.  Name any one of the three actors who played them.
> 2. The title was not actually spelled "Numbers".  How was it
>    spelled?  Exact answer required.


> 3. This lead character of this current series, Walter O'Brien, is
>    a real person who is also one of the show's executive producers.
>    He's played by Elyes Gabel on the show.  Give the title.
> 4. Please complete the previous question before decoding the rot13.
>    Bar travhf vfa'g rabhtu sbe "Fpbecvba"; Jnygre B'Oevra yrnqf
>    n grnz jvgu guerr bgure travhfrf.  Fgnegvat jvgu gur svefg
>    rcvfbqr, gurl ner wbvarq ol bar aba-travhf, Cnvtr Qvarra,
>    jub hagvy gura jnf jbexvat nf n jnvgerff.  Cnvtr vf cynlrq
>    ol n fvatre naq npgerff jub svefg pnzr gb choyvp nggragvba ol
>    svavfuvat frpbaq ba "Nzrevpna Vqby".  Anzr gung cresbezre.
> 5. The title character of "House, M.D." was played by Hugh Laurie.
>    What was the character's first name?
> 6. What drug was Dr. House addicted to?


> 7. According to the opening-title sequence of "The Big Bang Theory",
>    our whole universe was in a what?  (The answer is 3 words.)

Hot dense state

> 8. Years ago Robert Young said, "I'm not a doctor, but I play
>    one on TV".  On the other hand, one current regular character
>    on "The Big Bang Theory" actually is played by a person with a
>    real-life Ph.D. in the same field as the character.  Who's that?
>    (Give either the person's real name, or either the first or
>    last name of the character.)


> 9. The opening-title sequence of this show included a headline:
>    BEER... CAN PRESCRIBE DRUGS" `punctuation sic`.  Give the
>    character's first name as seen in the title -- *correct spelling
>    required*.

Doogie Howser

> 10. Please complete the previous question before decoding the rot13.
>    Jub cynlrq Qbbtvr Ubjfre?

Neil Patrick Harris


Pete Gayde

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