Re: Image info to MS Excel

On 25/09/2016 22:39, BrJohan wrote:
> Anyone aware of some software (Windows 10) that can help me transfer a
> set of image characteristics (filename, size in pixels, bit depth, PPI,
> color space) for all imagefiles in one (or more) directories, to MS Excel?
> I have a need for some statistics.
The background to my question is this:
I have 'inherited' a fairly large (~45000) set of imagefiles from a -
not very close - relative that recently passed away. He was a keen
photographer and - as of his latest years - scanner. As his closest
descendants are not very fluent in managing images, they have asked me
for assistance. So, in order to get some overview of the material, I
thought that a statistical view could help me. Some sample directory
listings tell me that the variety of types and sizes of the images is
large. Some samples of images tell me that both B/W and color images are

Other suggestions are welcome.
XnView can list imagefiles together with some of my wanted info only.
I am familiar with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Ligthtroom, but - as said -
those programs are not very helpful in this case.

Peter Krogh's excellent "The DAM Book" gave me no advice in this matter.

I do not know Media Pro SE.
I have used ExifTool for many purposes, but as far as I know, it can't
get me all the info I want.
PS. If my plain question caused high blood pressure or other kinds of
nausea, I want to apologize.

Written by BrJohan 26/09/2016 12:51:25
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