Re: `SI` New mandate needed

Pete A <> wrote:
>On 2012-03-21 20:17:04 +0000, Bruce said:
>> David Dyer-Bennet <> wrote:
>>> I'm spoiled by my D700.
>> As I was by mine, and by the beat-up D3 that followed it. ;-)
>Have you tried the new Nikon Picture Controls available in Capture NX2
>version 2.3.0/1 for the D700/D3? They are brutal in showing noise that
>you hoped wasn't there, but with a fair amount of editing work they can
>render awesome chroma in deep shadows.
>I've spent nearly three months re-editing some of my night and heavily
>overcast daylight shots using the new Picture Controls. They have
>enabled me to explore my surreal/abstracted art in the direction I've
>always dreamed of going.
>The new Picture Controls are not enabled by default. To get them,
>launch the Picture Control Utility; click the bottom left "Preferences"
>button and you will see two options plus explanatory text.
Thanks, Pete. I don't use Capture NX, but I will take a look at one
of the copies that came with the D800 and D800E. This is an
exceptionally busy time as we are setting up our office on the new
construction site, but I will take a look as soon as I can.

Written by Bruce 21/03/2012 22:33:25
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