Re: Bill Graham

I wasn't really wanting to start an other off topic war.
I realized that I had not heard from him in quite a while.
Savageduck wrote:
> On 2012-03-26 14:25:43 -0700, Walter Banks <> said:
> > I hope he is okay. He did have some health issues
> >
> > Anybody heard from him in a while. I haven't seen a good political
> > discussion (argument) in months.
> I know he bought a used D700 some time ago. I think his wife had more
> serious health issues than he did. However, like many of us here, old
> fartdom had descended on him, so anything might have happened. He was
> always seeking out facilities where he could keep company with those
> who had yet to give up smoking, as California had taken that lethal
> pleasure from him with smoking bans and tobacco taxes, and that
> certainly wouldn't do his health much good.
> He last posted to the photo groups on 10/24/2011. He was hanging about
> in more than the photo groups back then. I have just checked
> there, and his last post to was today at 11:07 PDT. So he
> seems to be alive and kicking as much the same Bill we all know.

Written by Walter Banks 27/03/2012 11:31:52
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