Re: Lazy Technology

.m  wrote:
> Basically, sexy, lazy technology what would 'enable' a young woman to
> effectively participate on an equal level, without a huge clumsy box
> made of black plastic and an invisible neon sign saying 'DISABLED'.

Here's one idea... satnav on buses.  You know where you want to go, but the
stop is called something useless like "Much Twiddling, Woolworths".  It's
dark, it's rainy, the local bus company has dragged out some 1990s bus from
the scrap pile at the back of the depot, and the driver barely speaks
English.  The bus has a habit of diving off the main road to serve some
hamlet, housing estate or something so your sense of direction is gone
within 5 minutes.

So get on the bus, turn on the maps app on your phone, and watch your
progress.  When you see you're approaching the right place, you know when to
ding the bell and get off.  And a live bus times app (depends on area, or
try can tell you when the return bus is, and connections. 
So you don't have to wait around in the cold hoping something might turn up.


Written by Theo Markettos 20/02/2012 16:58:22
Check some pics on this site!
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